About Yamie Chess Ltd.

Founded: November 5, 2012
Yamie Chess started at the 111th American International Toy Fair 2014 using American manufacturing to bring to market a STEM teaching aid for middle schoolers, named The Adventures of Tigermore and the Mind Angels, that used classic chess to teach kids math. The learning aid was subsequently named as a Best Education Pick by School Library Journal.


Work with US educators
The company worked with a group of MIT-, Yale- and Harvard- PhD professors, as well as Title 1 and Academic Intervention K-12 school teachers to produce the first edition of the Adventures of Tigermore and the Mind Angels. The learning aid was reviewed by IM Jeremy Silman, won a Mom’s Choice Gold Seal Recipient, and was approved for distribution through Glenn Beck’s TheBlaze Marketplace.

Charitable contributions
In 2015, Yamie Chess donated $230,000 of Yamie Chess sets through the Toy Industry Association to the Kids In Need Foundation (5,222 sets) and Boys and Girls Club of America (BGCA) Play Comforts Program (2,400 sets).

In 2014, the company donated $30,000 of Yamie Chess sets to families of US military servicemen through Boys and Girls Club of America.

Animation and ‘Math Comics’
Yamie Chess won the 2013 The Canada International Film Festival’s The Royal Reel Award in Animation; in addition to official selections at the 22nd Arizona International Film Festival in Tucson, AZ, and The Johns Hopkins University Film Festival in Baltimore, MD for King Tigermore in Strawberry Fields (2013), which served to introduce the character world to kids.

The company also produced a range of middle school math comics which are digitally distributed to schools and academic institutions serving children in that age group, through Follett School Solutions and TitleWave.


Statistical consulting
In 2015, Yamie Chess established Statsdrome to use our talent pool of tech graduates to diversify into data analytics and provide statistical services to businesses, including IT datacenters.